Downloading files for your Garmin

  1. Download the appropriate file you desire from below.
  2. Plug your Garmin into your PC or Mac.
  3. Navigate to "Garmin>NewFiles" on your Garmin device.
  4. Copy the gpx or tax file into the "New Files" Folder.
  5. Disconnect your Garmin.
  6. Turn your Garmin on, Navigate to the "Course" folder and select the new course you just added.
  7. Happy riding.

Downloading files for your Wahoo Elemnt

  1. Select gpx file below with you mobile phone.
  2. The Wahoo Elemnt app will then take over and download the route to your device, follow the on-screen cues. Ride your bike :)

The GB 200km

The GB 100km

The GB 60km

The GB 40km